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Can you remove the G513QM ROG splashscreen on boot?

Level 7
Curious to know if there's a way to remove the "Republic of Gamers" pop up when I start my computer.
My model is G513QM.
Would appreciate some help. Cheers!

Hi ImPeter

Welcome to the ROG forum.

In the bios on the Boot tab, look for Boot Logo Display. There are three settings, auto, full screen and disabled.

Hi and thanks for your reply, but I'm afraid I cant find no such thing. After pressing F8 to open the boot menu all I get is a window that says "Windows Boot Manager (HFM001TD3JX013N) and no options for changing anything. Any ideas? Cheers!

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Once you enter the bios, press 'F7' to switch to advanced mode and check for the boot menu tab at the top, but notebooks don't have a setting for the Boot Logo Display unfortunately.

If you check under the 'advanced' menu at the top, look for the 'Animation Boot Logo Configuration' setting to disable the boot up sound, but it doesn't stop the ROG logo from appearing at boot up.
You can also disable the boot up logo sound in the Armoury Crate System Configuration on the home page.

Hope this can help some.