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can Win7 be installed onto a Strix GL753VD?

Level 7
My Asus g73jh finally died due to a combination of age and shoddy repair work. I recently acquired a 2016 Strix GL753VD laptop as a replacement, but Windows 10 is turning out to be too big of an obstacle to work with.

Is it possible to install Windows 7 onto this model of laptop? I did look this up on the website and could not find any driver downloads for windows 7 for this particular model, I don't know if that means it's simply not possible to use Windows 7 on this particular laptop model.

Level 14
Probably anything is possible, whether you can find hardware drivers that will work is another question? perhaps you might want to run 7 in a Virtual Machine to see if you can get working drivers for it.

If what you are looking for is the Win 7 desktop and experience perhaps you should try Open Shell This is the same program as Classic Shell just taken over by GitHub and updated to work on the latest versions of Windows 10. You get the best of both worlds Win 7 or even XP if you like and windows 10
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Keep in mind that if you plan to use PCs in the future you will have to learn to use Windows 10 eventually. Microsoft is not planning to release a Windows 11 so you can't wait this one out like Windows 8.
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