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Can I use a 144Hz HDMI 2.0 monitor with my GL503VM HDMI 1.4 port?

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I have a GL503VM and after doing some research I found that the HDMI port is 1.4

I want to buy a 144Hz monitor, and I found one but the output is HDMI 2.0

Can I connect it using a 2.0 cable and get the full 144hz? Or am I locked to 60hz with the laptop port?

Thanks in advance

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zanecz wrote:
Hey. My DxDiag says "System Model: GL503VM" "BIOS: GL503VM.311" Also my exact model number is GL503VM-ED032T as mentioned in a previous reply, so I don't think my model has anything to do with the GL503VMF model? I've also tried the eSupport of the VMF after losing mine and had an error about the model not being the same.

On the same DxDiag window, it normally would have 2 display tabs, one for Nvidia and the other for the integrated Intel, while I only have NVidia. Also the right click on the desktop where I only have the control panel option for Nvidia. Device manager > Display adaptors also only shows the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060. It's possible that no VMF model has an integrated intel gpu, but a few VMs similarly don't.

Also by reading your last paragraph, am I correct to understand that a laptop with both a GTX 1060 and an Intel integrated GPU (say an HD 630) and have a 2.0 HDMI output? If that existed then it wouldn't not make sense, after all it would be a manufacturing choice whether to pass the HDMI output signal from the Nvidia or the Intel GPU...What's kinda unfortunate is with all this information, you still can't really tell the version of the HDMI output until you go to extra lengths, or if your specific model number spec sheet mentions it which isn't the case for many retail pages.

In any case, thank you for looking into the matter and helping clear the fog about this matter. It's a reasonable argument to just recommend the use of the mini DP port for those who find the very rare adapters/cables

Apologize that I'm not able to help more right now, but seems like this issue may be more complicated.
Anyway, sounds like you have the 'GL503VM' bios/motherboard and the latest bios version I see for the GL503VMF downloads is 310, so again does not sound like you have the GL503VMF, but still not sure why you're not seeing an Intel display adapter in your system if it has the GL503VM motherboard/bios, so there may be more to your system than I am aware of.

Yes, even for some gaming notebooks that include Intel onboard cpu graphics or 'optimus', it is possible the HDMI output is wired to the Nvidia graphics rather than the Intel graphics, so for the GL503VM, HDMI 2.0 output would be supported if it is connected to the Nvidia graphics.

Yes, it's safer to use the DisplayPort output although if you can connect any monitor or even a TV to your HDMI output, it should give you a good idea which vga card the output is connected to when you check the display settings.

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Does the monitor have Displayport?

Always use displayport instead of HDMI if you can, when it comes to computer monitors.

Padraigo wrote:
Does the monitor have Displayport?

Always use displayport instead of HDMI if you can, when it comes to computer monitors.

Of course it does. Even 60hz monitors on the market are more likely to have DP than HDMI, the only problem is that the laptop has a MINI display port and the cables/adapters for that are unavailable where I live, and unfortunately I can't order them online due to the current circumstances.