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Brightness control not working

Level 7

hi! im very new to all this complex electronics stuff so if you need more info just tell me! ok so recently i took apart my laptop (ROG strix g16 model G614JU ) to add a new ssd card, however when i put it back together and fixed some other issues, now my brightness control wont do anything. i can use the fn shortcuts and the quick settings control to move the brightness meter around, however it doesnt change the actual brightness irl unless i restart the pc. idk if i messed something up when taking it apart or if its just a software issue but im out of solutions thus calling for some smart ppl to help me 🙂 what ive tried: -restarting the pc (so many times) -checking for new updates (even the optional ones) -uninstalling the display adapter (nvidia driver) and installing another one (a driver i found on a microsoft help page, and then the most recent nvidia driver on their website) -uninstalling windows updates i was capable of deleting and many more but i forgor haha thank you in advance 🙂


Level 12

Go in Armory Crate and find GPU mode from there change this mode no metter what you choose  after this you PC will restart the problem must be fixed and you can change again this GPU mode to your old one 

I ulse only Ultimate becouse i dont care about battery performance but if you use your laptop on battery mode just use standard or optimized