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Bricked scar 18 after bios update to 308 and -80 undervolt.

Level 7

Just a warning I just got my scar 18 literally 4 hours ago. Was fine while transferring my files then Asus says new bios update I hit ok. After updating I went to bios and applied the -80 undervolt. Started a game 5 minutes in, scar turns off by itself and no no lights no pos nothing. Completely dead returned to store, saw some people on Reddit with same issue now I’m scared of getting another one.


Level 7

hy! i heared about this issue on the internet but i have an scar 18 with rtx 4080 and no issue at all... i update to bios 308 with the -80 mv applyed and no issue at all ; since i got it it had made 3 bios update's


Level 7

I got this too, my model G834JZ-N6021, bricked.