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Brand new Strix G17 (2023) G713PV-WS94 freezing and locking up

Level 8

Hi, I just bought a brand new Strix G17 and I' mat my wits end with it and I've had it less than a week. It regularly just freezes up requiring a hard reboot and despite the bios update it occasionally will not power on without being plugged in despite having a full battery.

Following a suggestion I found on this board I disabled the igpu and the crashes stopped but that was less than ideal because then the maid display is dark and seems kinda sluggish. following some official advice I uninstalled the Adrenalin drivers and replaced them with the AMD drivers from my model's download page. It has helped but not alleviated the crashes, instead of lots of crashes they are much less frequent.

as you can see I have a total of 86 total crash events since Saturday.

Thanks for any help you may be able to provide.




Level 10


Have same G713PV device since 1 month, and never experienced such freezes

Here are the updates I've installed, only official from ASUS or WIndows:

  • MyASUS in-app updates (BIOS 324, ASUS System Interface)
  • All Windows Updates including 22H2
  • Windows Updates Advanced Options / Optional Updates / Drivers : all drivers, firmware, AMD, ASUS, Realtek, Nvidia, etc...
  • ASMedia USB 3.2 firmware (can be downloaded in MyASUS or on ASUS Support website). This one seems important
  • Microsoft Store, all updates to library apps UWP: MyASUS, Nvidia Control Panel, Realtek console, Dolby Access, AMD Radeon SW, Armoury Crate, and all other apps  
  • ArmourtCrate in-app updates

No other driver from any manufacturer installed 

BIOS parameters are all default now, and I use "Standard mode GPU" set in A.C.  so iGPU + dGPU 

So far it's stable and enjoyable

Only discreppancies are with Modern Standby.
Hibernate, Windows Updates when sleeping, AC unplug when sleeping will disorder Modern Standby, and I saw Critical kernel events in Events Viewer (Windows did not stop correctly...) and PC reboot silently in sleep mode!
As a workaround, I simply disabled in Power options, Wake up timers when sleeping, and it's now much stable.
Windows updates are now performed only when laptop is awake, which is not a big deal
And I use now Only Modern Standby to sleep the laptop, it's different from older S3, but finally close to how smartphones work, globaly satisfying if laptop is not waken up and set to sleep by Windows updates or maintenance (sleep need to be fixed here), which it does sometimes anyway at 03:00 am ... 

Still some flickers sometimes, but way less than it used to be a month ago, those seems vanishing updates after updates... 

EDIT: Just to add also, the Mediatek MT7922 Wifi driver sometimes hangs, DNS Client being down for a few minutes, then comes back.
I've set up a workaround with a scheduled task, triggered by "DNS Client" event error (1014), that runs a tiny batch script restarting the WLAN service (NET STOP WlanSvc / NET START WlanSvc)
Quick & dirty, but does the job, and Wifi connection gets restored more quickly with this script 😊  

Hope it helps!

ASUS G713PV Ryzen 9 7845HX, NVidia 4060 8GB, 32GB RAM, 1920x1080 144Hz G-Sync

Thank you, I will give your setup a try. Mine has been very stable running in extreme mode but I'd really like to br use a more balance setting for when it doesn't need all that power.