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Brand new GL704GM Strix SCAR II already showing malfunctions

Level 7
Hi gamers, I had to get a new laptop as an emergency, and I got this GL704GM Strix SCAR II. I am noticing errors right away, I cannot or do not have any control of the color scheme on the keyboard. Playing simple, non-GPU heavy games will cause it to freeze, yesterday it happened with frostpunk, other day it was a different game. Also, if I have a game open, and close the lid for even a second, and re-open it, thats it, everything is frozen, I have to hold the power button to hard reboot. Am I just special, or are these ...whatever errors or glitches normal for this particular model?
Does ROG offer any kind of diagnostic tools to tell me if this is something I can remedy? I update my GPU drivers all the time with Nvidia Experience. I would appreciate any type of help.

Level 10
Are you undervolting the CPU or GPU? That could cause performance and stability issues.

Also, I'd update the BIOS and Windows to the latest versions available.

I purchased the same computer from Microsoft store around the same time as you did. I updated everything, including up to windows 10 home. I fixed many of the problems I was experiencing that were like the issues u had. got it running fine and decided tp max out the onboard memory and get a faster boot and larger & faster storage drive.
THAT was a headache.... I had to do a clean install because of issues with Samsung's migration software. I was also not as familiar with UEFI Bios and Secure Boot garbage as I should have been. I have been trying to get it back to normal since then and it still is not where I want it. I feel you pain. I wanted to tell you my issue so that in case you decided to do an update like that you would see that there is NO support that I could find that tells you which order to install the myriad of drivers software and all that to make the hardware function correctly. I have been on with TS more than 3 times at ASUS about it. one of the guys I chatted with did give me a website that told you the order of installing the drivers and software, so I know that one exists... It is not easily available like it should be. SO be forewarned if you decide to change anything or re-install and not restore your OS you are in for a ride,.... 🙂

Stephen P
Texas USA

What I've learned with asus that their softwares are unfortunately very much filled with bugs and compitibility issues with newer versios of windows 10 (1903 & 1909)
If I were you I would use win 10 LTSC (buy key from ebay)
OR just install almost everything and only install the things you really need.

Check latencies with latencymon so you can determine if your driver are ok.