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Brand new Asus ROG GL703VD, microphone stopped detecting any input randomly W10

Level 7
So pretty much as the title said, got my laptop last week, everything was working well, this morning the integrated microphone doesnt detect any imput.

Looked in all the settings, the microphone is detected, enabled, used as main device, pilotes are up to date, it's not manually muted.

I desinstalled and reinstalled in device manager, restarted, reinstalled driver, gave all the permissions, litterally anything I could do, I did.

Windows keep telling me the microphone is working well, doesnt detect anything wrong but well, doest detect any sound, tested in discord, 3 different browser and even Cortana or the voice recorder.

I'm losing my mind, it was all working fine yesterday, did not updated or installed anything, played a few game on Discord with friend without any issue, watched some youtube, closed the laptop, put him in his bag and when opening it again today well, nothing.

So um, any dice or clue on the issue ?

Having random issue like that after a week make me consider my choices of buying it tbh.