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Bluetooth driver error fix windows 11

Level 7

I have a Rog Strix g15 rw513 (2022) with r9 6900 and 3070ti. Yesterday my Bluetooth drivers disappeared, I wasnt able to turn it on or off and the laptop didnt saw any wifi around. I spent like 7 hours unistaling, updating drivers and what not. I am a computer engineer so I tryed basically everything I could think. I was ready to start codding my own drivers when I saw on a forum that the fix is turning the laptop off, unpluging it and leaving it like that overnight (I do that every night anyway so no big deal, sure wont work bcs Im in this situation and Im always doing that). Well today when I turned on the laptop guess what, evrything is working.

So the solution to the Bluetooth driver missing randomly is turning of the laptop and unpluging it (basically giving up).

I dont understand why. Doesn't makes any sense but it works. Fmmmmm windows