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Blackscreen after bios 309 update asus g531gu

Level 7
I'm experiencing a strange problem with my Asus g531gu laptop.

When I update to bios version 309, the laptop works great for a couple of weeks sometimes months. One day when I power on the laptop, nothing happens, only the blackscreen, I can hear that the laptop gets power and running.

I need to press power button on/off at least 30 to 50 times until the asus logo is visible and everything works great again until I turn off the laptop and I have to repeat this process.

The solution I found was to install older bios 306 and everything works perfectly but now the laptop automatically updates to bios 309, still if I install bios 309, the laptop works fine for a while before the problem appears. I tried to reinstall windows,format the drive,install latest nvidia drivers and windows updates also turned off fast boot in bios but nothing works. If Someone has had similar problems that can help me would be much appreciated.

Laptop: Asus Strix G g531gu

Level 7
I guess that I have similiar problem. When I power on my laptop I only see a black screen but laptop works fine couse after few seconds I can see login screen on my external monitor. But I had bios 309 from the start and now have 310.

When laptop starts I also don't hear this specific sound with ROG logo. Everything expect laptop screen works (aura, keybord, sound etc).


Level 10
Dear both,
So both of your BIOS update is from Windows update?
If you enter BIOS and load default setting again or install BIOS by EZ flash, does it make a difference?
Thank you.