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Black screen after power on - Strix Scar 17 2023 (R9 7945HX, 4080)

Level 9

Well, this laptop seems to have several issues, I'll start threads because didn't had luck to solve many of them.

After using it yesterday, power off normally. Today I tryied to power on, the keyboard led settings came up instantly but the screen is not coming up. The laptop has 4/5 days of use. All fully updated Windows + MyAsus.


Level 8


Seems that I have the same problem with my ASUS ROG G814JU-N5048. I bought it on 5th of July and on 10th of July it stopped working. As I press power button, RGB keyboard lights up, and thats all it does. Screen is black, no apparent CPU activity.

Already tried the following:

- Removing battery connector from the motherboard, trying to start it only with AC adapter, nothing

- CMOS reset performed by ASUS instructions (holding power button pressed for 40 seconds...nothing

- removed all RAM cards and tried them individually in each slot, nothing,

- removed the SSD, nothing.

- removed the USB plugs board, nothing.

it does a funny thing, when i power up on AC power, it shuts down as I plug the adapter out. Should not remain ON because of the battery? Also, when I power up on battery only, it shuts down when I plug in the AC adapter. Again, funny behaviour as it should not matter, right?

All processors (integrated, I9 and GPU) are cold, sign that they dont work. Coolers are off all the time.

After doing a bit of research on the internet, it might be a faulty motherboard...a shorted MOSFET or capacitors.

If anybody knows how can I find the PN of the motherboard without removing it, and maybe a vendor I can buy it from, would be great, since the store will not refund me and the third party companies ASUS uses for repair are literally ****** (only bad reviews).

Thanks and regards

In my case I found that removing the power adapter and booting on battery + ESC key the splash screen comes up and then it boots.

Just tried it, nothing.... 😞