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Black lines in the bottom of the screen, lags and low FPS, ASUS ROG Scar 17 SE (G733CX)

Level 7


I bought my Scar 17 SE less than 2 years ago, and my screen starts to have this black thin lines problem. 

Very disapointing for a >$4000 laptop. It's my working tool and i already have to send it to repair. I'm not leaving anymore where i bought it, so the asus warranty does not cover it (I have to send it to the country where i bought it or to pay the reparation).

Furthermore, the computer starts to have strange lags with 3D tools or games. I have to reduce all the graphics settings to have "decent" fps (arround 50/60 with games i had more than 100).

All drivers are up-to-date, the computer never moves, ventirads are clean, and i have a laptop cooler.

There are less lines in 360hz than in 60hz.

Does anyone here found another solution than replacing the screen ?




Level 7

Hello there,

I have an ROG Strix G513 that I bought in 2022 that have the same issue as your. In my case the screen need to be replace and the technician said that these panel with high refresh rate usually doesn’t last long and he have been replacing a lot of them. The black line will get worse overtime and eventually the whole screen will be blacked. Since your laptop is less than 2 years old I suggest you should take it to the warranty center asap so they could replace your screen with no additional cost (might take about 1 week for the part to arrived and replace in my experience). Mine unfortunately ran out of the 2 years warranty and I have to replace it from other repair shop since the warranty center charge me around 200$ for the replacement.

I also heard that changing the resolution help if the problem is not your screen so maybe give that a try first.

I hope this help you with your problem!

Have a good day!

Level 7


Thx for your answer, sadly the support can't take it in charge where, i would need to send the computer where i bought the computer from, and it will cost far more than replacing the screen by myselft...

Global warranty is not really global.

Fun fact: there are 2 lines less this morning, there were 5, now just 2. 

What could be the other solution ? Replacing the screen with one with less framerate ? Quite sad for an highend product...

Have a good day too!