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BIOS update simply not working properly

Level 7

Hello guys, I do not understand one thing and need some help.
I have a g634jz 2023 ( Asus Rog Strix Scar ). It just had a bios firmware release and I tried to update it every time I get a bios update failed and then it freezes but happens right at the end before it should show that it is successful. I always need to hold the power button to turn it off. Anyways it actually works and everything and it shows up as 324 bios. I had this with the previous one also. I tried to EZ flash it via USB, also through the ssd where the windows update puts it for automatic update which also doesnt work since it just restarts the laptop instead of forcing it to go bios and then update like it should. My mind is boggled, I just want to see the ****** successful message and press okay, but no matter what I try it does not work. Any thoughts? Anyone has this problems? Is it because VMD mby? Please help. I just want to run the EZ FLASH, Flash it and get successful message press OK and be sure all went 100% fine. Otherwise everything is working properly and it shows as update yet had to manually turn it off and on. Please help.


Level 12

Do you have passwords set in the BIOS?

If so, try updating without passwords.

Nah its not password protected. It is very weird. I have no explanation to why it happens

Level 7


Is no one having this issue? I do not understand how am I the only one.