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ROG STRIX G733QS and Fedora 36 KDE Linux

Happy to report that Fedora 36 KDE gave me no problems with hardware wifi etc... sound and headphones all fine. The instructions for keyboard backlight at Also worked flawlessly which was very gratifying as t...

GL504GM built-in speaker volume fluctuating loud/soft

Hey everybody.This laptop is a little over a month old, and I think the problem has existed since I had it. Basically when listening to audio, movies, youtube, etc, the volume will suddenly drop very low only to randomly spike again for a short burs...

Ashenx by Level 7
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GL703VD Laptop charger noises: normal or fire hazard?

Hi everyone. I've had my GL703VD for a few years now. I only recently have started to notice a noise coming from the transformer portion of my laptop charger; it's quiet and infrequent enough that I can't tell whether or not this noise has always bee...

How to clear cache / reset Sonic Studio 3 or ArmouryCrate?

I own a ASUS ROG STRIX G531GU. 2 days ago, I noticed that my sound was lower than it used to be. (I usually have my volume on 20-25% and I am happy with it, now for the same sound volume I have to be at 32 - 45%. The testing has been done with the sa...

G533QS Fans 0dB Before Clean Install

Ok so back when I had first gotten my G533QS I could swear that the fans wouldnt even run until the cpu hit like 65-70c while on silent mode on AC and the CPU would downclock to like 1.7GHz when not in heavy use. After I ****ed up and did a clean ins...