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Windows keeps stopping my GL753VD GPU (code43).

Title basically says it all , it says code43. I did everything google had to offer but nothing , if this question was posted before I'm sorry but I did not see it. I did look but found nothing , anyone seen this before or knows how to fix it ? I'm 10...

Ffc cables for the led bars on Asus rog scar iii G731GV

I'm looking for the right cables because my old ones suddenly stopped working . However I'm really confused . My old cables have 6 pintces and they are 3.5 mm, but when I'm browsing on the internet about the parts in my pc, I only find that the width...

G531GU - Undervolt through BIOS question

Hello,Will the G531 series gain access to cpu undervolt through bios like the new G15s?My system is on 309 version which unfortunately locks the undervolt feature.Will we users gain this function present on g15 in the new BIOS updates or option to en...

Enable iGPU for GL502VS

Hello! As stated in the title, I have a GL502VS and I absolutely need to use the iGPU to be able to upgrade my hackintosh, since Nvidia gpus are supported up to high Sierra. I know that by factory it's impossible to commute to the iGPU due to the mon...

Problem with perfomance on my laptop ROG SCAR 3 G731GW

My laptop specs are 2070 and i79750h. And i have problem in games, probably because my gpu and cpu are really hot. Ive watched the video about this laptop temps in different games, and seen temps like 80. And because of this temps i have huge throttl...

sndrjn by Level 7
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G732LW Keyboard Firmware Issue

So, myasus gave me a keyboard update firmware v2.4.8. It failed during installation and it messed up the keyboard and rgb. Both Keyboard and RGB doesnt have physical issue. Already contacted the support but they just offered to service it. We have tr...

Chidare by Level 7
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GL702VM BIOS 310 Update

Apparently, Windows updated my BIOS from 306 (the latest one from ASUS support page) to an unofficial ASUS BIOS to 310. After updating, My SSD is not listed on the Boot option.Tried rolling back to BIOS 306 and successfully rolled back but Windows ke...

r3cklss by Level 7
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