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Asus ROG Strix GL503VD sound enhancement problem

Some games make my laptop speaker create a buzzing sound and the game lags every time it buzzed. Then suddenly the volume becomes very low that I can barely hear anything. After that, I noticed that Sonic Radar no longer works too, and when I opened ...

ASUS ROG Strix G15 (G513IH) Compatible LCD Panels

Hello folks. I plan to replace my old laptop panel (MONITOR/PANDA LM156LF2F01) with one from Innolux (MONITOR/N156HMA-GA1). Before I proceed with buying, I want to know if this is compatible with my system. LM156LF2F01 Specs: PANDA LM156LF2F01 Overvi...

GL702V spin doesnt work

Hi! First of all, sry if my english isnt very good ...Recently i got a Asus GL702V. I can see how it gets hot when has some kind of stress. (85º+ ).So I started to check components and found that the fan doenst spin, but if i connect that fan in othe...

kyndois by Level 7
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ROG gaming center not working after Nvidia driver update

I've just updated my Nvidia driver to version 382.53 and now several things stooped working:Here are some examples:ROG Gaming center - program stooped working and need to closeHeroes of the Storm - Graphics device not available at this timeMasters of...

Strix G15 Problem connecting to dock USB-C

I just bought a ROG Strix G15. To make my life easier I also bought a USB-C docking station from Targus.When I connect to the docking station to the computer using USB-C nothing happens. However if I put an USB3.0 adapter on the cord so that I can co...

JoarS by Level 7
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Scar 16 Artifacting On Boot

Well, I’ve owned my 13980HX/4090 laptop for about a week, first time I’ve seen this issue on mine so far. Using dGPU only. Bought a cooling pad to test thermals yesterday, went to boot up the laptop and screen started artifacting for 30-45 seconds an...

AV8R by Level 7
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Abnormal graphic display on G634JY (ROG Strix Scar 16, 2023).

I purchased my laptop from the U.S. Amazon shopping website. After booting it up, I opened the NVIDIA GeForce Experience software to update the display driver. However, I noticed that the graphics displayed on the screen were abnormal (see Abnormal 1...

abnormal1_internal_display.jpg abnormal2_internal_display.jpg abnormal3_internal_display.jpg normal2_external_display.jpg
jsdryan by Level 7
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GL552 sound driver problem, hissing sound/electric buzz

Hy. I'm new to the forum and the hole rog experience.Just bought a GL552Jx that runs smooth except for the sound. After instaling the Conexant Audio driver, from asus support site, also available on delivered Cd, the laptop's speakers make a hissing ...

iam by Level 7
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Touch Pad cursor not working ingame

Hey so I bought a new ROG Strict G513RM yesterday. I finished all the windows updates, update all the drivers and the armory crate, and just noticed that whenever i launch a game, the touchpad stops moving the cursor. I can still use it to click but ...

G733 Turbo mode crashing

Hi, I've got 2 identical G733QS-XS98Q purchased at same time. Same setup, same drivers, everything identical. One runs smoothly in turbo mode, the other one ALWAYS crashes in games when in turbo mode is on (within seconds). Super steady when on perfo...