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GL504GS Scar strix II audio issue

Hi just got the GL504GS Strix Scar II a few months back and im facing issues with the Audio. What happens is that whenever I watch any youtube video or any movie on media player or play games after few seconds the laptop speaker audio decreases autom...

vaqar001 by Level 7
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G531GW Refresh Rate Problem

I own this G531GW laptop for a while now and provides nothing but constant non-stop problems for me. This problem particularly I have for quite a while now, but it is happening more and more often and I am on the verge of giving up as I really regret...

JonTeoh by Level 7
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GL503SVS spare charger

Hi,I've tried and failed to find a spare charger for my GL503VS.I know there are a lot of dodgy sites with very poor reviews to be careful of.I bought a charger for £45 a few weeks back which claimed to be correct however the 5.5mm * 2.5mm pin size d...

GL503GE Fans wont power on

Hi all,The fans in my GL503GE wont power on. Running a game will cause the temp to rapidly climb but the fans still won't turn on.I tried disconnect/reconnect fan connectors. Changing the Fan speed in ASUS ROG Gaming Center doesn't make them come on....

Jimi777 by Level 7
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GL504GS battery life time

Hi, Now my third year is running on my laptop and overnight the battery is over. The adia analysis program found 97% wear.Has it been the case that, without any kind of precedent, the battery was ruined from one moment to the next?By default, does an...

GL551JW-DS71 mini msata SSD

Hello,I have a Gl551jw-ds71 laptop that came with a 1TB HDD. I'd like to keep that drive and add an msata ssd to itIs it possible?If so how? I can see a connector from the HDD RAM compartment

Big_H1 by Level 7
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GL504GW Asus FRQ Control v1.1.2

Hi, can someone please share the link to download the latest asus_frq_control v1.1.2, I can't find it anywhere, and its not showing up in MyAsus app.Thanks in advance

G731GW-DB74 VirtualDrive.vhdx ?

hi,2-3 weeks ago i bought G731GW-DB74 (Strix Hero III) with 512 SSD and in C:\ProgramData\ASUS\ there is a folder with this name: (Virtualdrive) and it's have 219.7GB but when i look inside i can't see anything, what is inside and can I delete it ?Th...

Asus ROG STRIX SCAR 15 Undervolting

Hello, i have a one question.Tell me why in BIOS I can only lower the direction by -80 when you remove this limitation?Other vendors like MSI, DELL have done it, and you are currently limiting the capabilities of your users.