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GL553VD NO Audio after latest Win10 update

Hi, after i shut down my laptop yesterday it did some updates automatically. Today my sound is not working saying ''No Audio Output Device Installed''.What happened? What should i do? Should i go to ASUS and download the suggested audio driver again ...

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mikeyav by Level 7
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Asus Rog Strix G513RC Second SSD

Hi folks,Happy New Year first!I have recently bought a second SSD for my ROG Strix G513RC, namely Western Digital Black SN770, but its idle temp is quite high - around 55 Celsius. My main SSD that came with the laptop is Micron 2450 and its idle temp...

werty by Level 7
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Gl704GW BIOS 307

Hello,Recently some Windows update secretly updated my BIOS to version 309. I've been avoiding that for a good while so I can use Throttlestop to undervolt and play with the turbo limits in order to achieve lower working temperatures. The BIOS update...

Asus G513RM Bios update version 325

ROG Strix G15 (2022) G513RM-HF266When I bought this laptop latest bios version was 323, and I updated to that version. I've heard that version 323 fixes power consumption of the gpu (3060 for me).Now version 325 is out, what does it fix this one? Asu...

onurz by Level 7
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ROG Strix G15LI - Updating Intel Processor Graphics

Hello,I've been wandering if it is allowed to update the Intel Process Graphics driver Intel® Driver & Support Assistant. I'm worried that I might messed this up and I'd to know if this is recommend for ASUS ROG Laptops too. Aside from that, I'd like...

Natsuki by Level 7
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G512LW-ES76 • Weird Display Issue

I purchased this ROG Strix laptop (G512LW-ES76) about four months ago last year in December 2020 & it has been an enjoyable experience up until some time in the month of April. Where I started experiencing this weird display issue that is becoming mo...

GLV553D VRAM question

im a user of the glv553d laptop and i have a question about a upgrade , since i already know you can upgrade ram.can i change the 1050's vram to a higher 1050 vram? or is that not possible to the mother board

JavaXY by Level 7
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Temperature Monitoring Strix Ryzen 6800H ?

Greetings,I am interested in monitoring my cpu and GPU temps on my newly acquired Asus Rog Strix laptop with a AMD Ryzen 6800H cpu and a RTX 3060 GPU.I have tried MSI Afterburner, HW Monitor, CPU temp, HWInfo - no luck with any of them.What am I miss...

hkula by Level 7
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Rog Strix Scar II GL504G Battery Problems

Hello,After my battery to my Strix Scar II hit zero it now refuses to charge. It is just stuck in 'plugged in' and zero percent battery.I thought maybe I needed to update the system so I did but the problem persists.Not sure if software or hardware r...