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bios scar 16

how do I  lower cpu voltage in the bios and how do I create a raid 0 volume. I don't see anything in the bios with those options. Thanks.

GL503VD full bios dump please!

I need full bios dump for my asus laptop GL503VDMy problem is the laptop got black screen, keyboard and lights indicator are on but display just black. Please help me.

Upgrading Rog Stirix

Hi guys,Recently I brought a Rog Strix G16 G614JI with 16GB@4800Hz, I'm planning to upgrade it, but couln'f find the techninal manual, as Asus is very greedy with the documentation, I would like to know if this laptop supports ram 32GB x2, also if I ...

Rog Strix G531GV supported NVMe drives

Hello recently I bought the aforementioned laptop and today when I tried to upgrade the included 500GB Mikron PCIe Gen 3 x4 NVMe SSD to a 1TB SK Hynix with the same specifications the laptop refused to boot.It wouldn't enter Windows nor the BIOS whil...

Browser videos getting brighten up

When watching any videos on browser wether it is YouTube or any other site the video automatically gets brighter. If I scroll down or scroll up the video gets back to original colour but as soon as i leave my cursor the video gets brighten up again ....

Asus Rog strix gl 503ge won't turn on

After 3 years one it my laptop went completely dead, only it shows orange charging ligh, white light and keyboard lights but doesn't boot up, it make lil noise like beep, only after trying whole a it turns on only for few seconds then again dead plea...