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Asus G15 (G512LV) barlight does not work

A few days ago I received my laptop after having validated the warranty due to some problems on the screen, at the time of receiving it everything was working well but the led lights on the base of the laptop did not turn on and they still do not, I ...

ROG Strix SCAR 15 G533QM fps drops

Hello, Recently i baught Asus 15" ROG Strix SCAR 15 G533QM. Im very happy with it. The only problem is that, when i play league of legens for the first time after laptop boot, even if it shows high fps, the game feels laggy. If i restart the laptop ...

Asus rog strix g15 advantage edition - graphics card issue?

So I just got this new laptop and maybe I'm not understanding how the graphics cards work in it. So it has the integral card built into the cpu and also the 6800M. It list the 6800m as discrete/hybrid and appears the other graphics for the integral i...

Ajax by Level 7
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SUS ROG GL551JM ...latest strategy to update Win 10?

After trying and failing to successfully update Win10 in 2018 somehow I got the mandatory update procedure turned off. It always failed. I had a thread on this forum asking for advice several years ago but never could fix it. I've been able to do nea...

majhoop by Level 7
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G533QS Armory Crate changing power profile on its own

I had my G533QS configured in Manual with custom fan profiles. Today I noticed it sounded much louder than usual. I checked Armory Crate and discovered it had somehow gotten changed to Turbo. I did not make this change. Has anyone seen this happen? I...

mario64 by Level 7
  • 4 replies
  • 0 kudos screen on startup

From cold boot or waking from hibernation, my GL702VM is black screening... power button, keyboard, and power led lights up and stays lit... but black screen. No splash screen, nothing. HDD led shows no activity. Pressing the power button powers e...

G712LW high temperatures

Hi, I have this laptop (i7-10750h- RTX 2070 ) from 9 months. It's summer now but temperatures are so high, cpu reaches around 85-90ºC and gpu reaches his max limit of 86ºC with armoury crate performance mode. It's while gaming of course. When I'm w...

Strix G15 - G512LW - Silent Mode issue

Hi all,Recently I noticed a strange behavior... I usually gaming in silent mode, the game I'm playing is set to 60FPS (or some 90) in NVIDIA control panel - whisper mode anyway. After a while, the GPU freq drops (according to Armoury Crate) and frame...

ZoleeG by Level 7
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