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Windows 11 drivers for ROG Strix G731GV

Hi, guys!Are there Windows 11 drivers for ROG Strix G731GV yet? I looked on but for Windows 11 seems to be available only the ASUS System Control Interface v3 utility.I received the Windows 1...

ElijahA by Level 7
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GL503VM Longterm maintaiance options?

I have Gl503VM - i7 7700HQ -100mv Undervolt - GTX 1060, 16GB 2400Mhz RAM- 16 GB 2400MHz stock RAMFew questions:- Can I safely uninstall WinFlash BIOS since BIOS isnt updated at all now ?- Can I safely uninstall ROG Gaming Center and somehow assign t...

Asus ROG Strix G731 Charging problem

Hello everyone, Last year I bought Asus ROG Strix G731, It worked fine for like 6 months, after that, it stopped charging unless I pull the cable down or up (Applying pressure on the plug attached to the laptop) after a few months it stopped charging...

ASUS ROG G712 LWS...& thermal questions

Hey Guyz :),i have a Qustion to the ones wich has already installed, Windows 11...I have installed the Armoury Crate + the Refresh Rate Service 2.08 latest one, but it doesnt work with Windows 11 ?It doestn shown in Armoury Crate.. i have already re...

kingjez by Level 8
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How to Fix System Firmware in Device Manager? - GL703GM

Hey there,Everyone know asus disabled undervolting / overclocking in new BIOS updates. Sometimes my laptop will run @ 70 C even when Idle Don't even talk about gaming.When I found out that BIOS disabled all those nice features, I looked for a way to...

G713QR-ES96 Strix Notebook "eSupport" folder, anyone?

Hello! So I got a brand new G713QR-ES96 and installed a secondary Samsung SSD. The Samsung cloning tool never finished and rendered my system unbooteable, so I had to install windows again but I never backuped up the "eSupport" folder ;( So Im wonde...

Titos by Level 8
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asus rog strix 17 g733qs gpu usage low

hello ...... I have recently this laptop asus rog strix 17 g733qs .... the gpu is little used and in game I do a few fps ... can it depend on the ram? does it only mount a 16gb desk? help thanks sorry im used translator