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GL702ZC Future on the topic of upgradability today?

With ryzen 3 just announced for release in July,what is the date of upgrade options? Why did they even bother with putting the effort into upgradability if there is no announcements planned?doesn't make sense to add the option to upgrade....if you do...

ROG Strix GL702ZC CPU Upgrade Confirmed w/Links

I just finally found the links recently and found that they did just recently release the sales of a 65 Watt TDP CPU for the ROG Strix GL702ZC....,only thing I don't know is how to s...


Should I be worried about mine Rog Strix G16 Temperatures?

Hello! I bought Rog Strix G16 with 13650HX and 4080 a couple of days ago. I was pretty happy with it: no whine with charger brick(mb it's because of the new one), awesome screen, somehow I even have numpad inside my trackpad(while buying I thought it...

FreeAr by Level 7
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Asus Rog 713 RM

HiI have a problem with the rtx 3060 graphics card in the laptop, namely in the device manager it shows that the card is not connected. error 45 and I have no clue what's going on since it was working fine before..Somebody had such a problem?

Itus84 by Level 7
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[G531GV] Local cat enables anti-ghosting keyboard shortcut

So, my cat walked on my keyboard, then my screen showed something like "anti-ghosting on" (she knows more than I do...), I know what anti-ghosting is but don't know what she pressed to turn it on, would appreciate it if someone could tell me the shor...

kooshy by Level 7
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Rog Strix 17 AMD 9 7945HX + RTX 4090 Runs very hot!

Hello i have my laptop now for 2 Month... all was ok but now the Temperatures going Crazy.Playing Call of Duty 5 Min CPU RUNS in 100 Degress then throtteling the GPU RUNS 80 - 85 degress. Befire i have had about 90 CPU and 68 GPU ... .Fans Spinning a...