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GL752VW integrated webcam replacement needed

Hello, need help please. The integrated webcam in my GL752VW has failed. The webcam model it came with (04081-0094700) is no longer available. Can someone tell me if there is another model of webcam that will work in this computer, Thanks...

ROG Laptop GL502VS - Type C hub unusable

Hey everyone,At this point I'm completely uncertain whether the issue is hardware, driver or windows caused. Briefly, I purchased this Type-C Thunderbolt 3 compatible Hub for my GL502VS, to simply connect my USB peripherals and dongles through it. I ...

G531GW Heating up too much and undervolt locked

Hey guys I've bought a G531GW (15'' RTX 2070 9750H) a year ago but it's heating up too much when I play anything, I downloaded XTU to undervolted but it's locked (I'm using BIOS 306) so I can't do anything, can you guys give me any tips on how to sol...

gab111 by Level 7
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GL504GV Nahimic Audio Driver for sonic studio 3

Hello,By mistake, I have deleted Nahimic Component Driver V1.1.8.1 from my laptop.So I went and downloaded it from the Asus official website : I run InstallAPO.bat as administrator...

GL703 Fan Replacement

I'm looking to replace the fans in my GL703 as the bearings are starting to fail. Is there a dedicated fan for Left and Right or is it the same fan flipped? I had the fans off yesterday to blow them out to see if that was the issue, but I wasn't thin...

New G732. Extremely poor battery performance

Hello.I have a new Strix 17 G732LWS. Everything seems great except I'm only getting about 2 hours of battery life at full charge, even on Silent profile.Capacity is reported at 60,262 mWh. Discharge rate on Silent profile is about 30000 mW, which j...

mtz629 by Level 7
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G531GT - Bottom left corner LED always on

Hello,I have a problem with the bottom left corner LED, it's always on even when i put it off in the options of armoury crate (the light is green on the corner and continue to blue)The light turn on as soon as i power on the laptop and blinks sometim...

nutcas3 by Level 7
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Asus ROG GL703 GE Dim Black Screen

Hey guys, i have a problem with my Laptop, the screen just went on dim black screen as i start it up, keyboards and mouse lights are on (which i assume that thr laptop is running and turned on) but the display just went on dim black screen and the st...

G533QS problems

I’ve started having problems with my G533QS. I first noticed it in WoW. What happens is I’ll be playing then suddenly get kicked out to the desktop. The game is still running so I click its taskbar icon to get back in. This repeats a few times until ...

mario64 by Level 7
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ROG Strix G713QR Freaking out, please help

Ok, here's what happened, I left my laptop idling at home, with no workload, no direct sunlight or other external factors, after a few hours I come back and this is how I find it... 3/4 of the screen is freaking out, the rest is completely off, I res...

zajuruk by Level 7
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