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GL552VW Screen Issues

Not even sure how to describe it, but usually only happens when i leave the machine overnight or for extended periods of time. I come back to seeing the colors all jacked up, mostly red and blue. I've tried updating both nvidia and Intel drivers, not...

dansan by Level 7
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GL703GM Replacement TrackPad Plate

Hi All,Does anyone know where I would be able to purchase a replacement trackpad plate for a GL703GM Strix, preferably within the UK. I have been searching for ages but can't find any online.Thanks

Asus gl502vs normal to get only 120-200 fps in CSGO?

HelloIs it normall to get only 120-200 fps in CSGO? What settings and which Nvidia driver should I use to get the best out of my computer? This is in it: Asus ROG Strix GL502VS-DB71-HID3 15.6" G-SYNC i7-6700HQ 2.6-3.5GHz 1070It does sometimes lag i...

Asgeir by Level 7
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ROG GL702VM Mini Display Port Not Working

I bought my laptop last 2016 and haven't tested the mini display port before until now. I already updated the bios and Graphics driver. Checked also the external monitor and its cable by connecting another laptop GL503VM and it is working. Please adv...

ROG GL504GM - GPU is not detected

Hi experts, I'm using ROG Strix GL504GM and sometime the GPU (Ndivia 1060) is not detected, and it switch to onboard graphic.After re install windows, the GPU is display but when I update the BIOS, it's disappear again. Below are the pictures I took ...

nqthieu by Level 7
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