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Wi Fi Problems Strix G513QY w/MT7921

As it appears many people are having problems with these laptops Wi-Fi Card. The Media-Tek MT7921. Seems the solution even after a Reformat and reinstall Windows 11OS and all drivers, Bios updates, windows updates, etc. that is to send to service for...

NickT by Level 9
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Asus Laptop GL704GM strix 2 , lag playinng mw2?

I have upgraded my ram to 32 gb and also replace my hdd to 1 gb , is there anything i can do to make my laptop better?In the season 1 of mw2 it was fine with the performance mode but after season 2 it starts to feel laggy... I am just wondering if th...

G513QY Second SSD no boot option???

I have installed SSD in the second M2 slot on MB. Initialized drive with windows disk management formatted drive NTFS all is working fine in windows. However, the bios does not see the drive as a bootable drive only the original SSD listed under boo...

ROG Strix SCAR 18 (2023) SATA Mode in bios

Hi,Hope we will be able to change SATA Mode in bios from RST to AHCI.Fed up with intel useless raid chipset for mobile platform.Please do the bios correctly. Thanx in advance.

Svan by Level 9
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Scar 18 - SSD low iops

Hello,I have a performance problem with my new laptop.I added a second disk, a brand new samsung 990 pro 2TB.I made some tests which are not very conclusive.The random read reach 240k iops and write 140k iops.The test found on internet show 1000k iop...

Pheden by Level 7
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ASUS ROG GL703GE ROG Gaming Center Error

Guys, do you have the same problem like i did ? the gaming center somehow couldn't work properly, i've tried uninstalling and installing again, i also uninstall several programs along within it, but it still not working, first my ROG key not working,...

Gl703gs bios 310

Hello i was wondering if someone could help me out and help me locate BIOS 310 for this laptop (the last BIOS that supports Undervolt for 8th Gen Intel) Asus have pulled this from their site and the laptop is a toaster without throttlestop.If somone ...

2022 Rog Strix - Keyboard Lights not turning back on

Hey Guys,Have the latest and greatest Rog Strix available - but hasn't felt that way so far.I keep having issues where the led lights turn off, but don't get activated again until a restart.They will be working fine, then I'll be watching something a...

Strix G15 support gen 4 PCIe?

Does the G5130qy support PCIe gen4 it came with a gen3 ssd web site only say Gen 3 ssd drive but not if it support Gem 4 PCIe 4?