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G74sx / Digital SLR camera bag

I upgraded to the G74sx and am loving it. My only problem is I am a Photorapher as well and have not been able to find a bag that will hold both the Laptop and my camera!! I have a Nikon D300 and a good lens. I have an insert that i can use for the c...

Adding SSD to G73SW

Hey, I have been thinking about adding extra SSD for my laptop. Does G73SW support the SATA II (6GB/s) version? I have been thinking to buy this . Also if you have any good tips to offfer about moving Windows into new SSD, post them hear

Vkarr by Level 7
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Asus Express Gate

Asus Express Gate I love it but i/it have/has issues: 1. is the battery life extended or is this a os.toy? 2. it would be great to change the resolution (fixed 1280x800 i think!) 3. i can't update. well 1 in 50 attempts it updates (small widgets, mp...

380mcn by Level 9
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Problem with G73S Blu-Ray

I don't know what happened but it seems my Blu-ray driver has stopped working. I've already tried to uninstall so Windows can reinstall it, used another Blu-Ray player and still doesn't load.. IT RECOGNIZES CDs, but it DOESN'T recognize Blu-Ray play...

ReDXfiRe by Level 7
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Ugrading from a i5 -> i7

Hi, I have an G74SX with a i5 2410m processor, and have some questions regarding it. Is it possible to upgrade this one to a i7-2630qm? Do I need to change any other things?Will it be able to support 16gb of ram just by changing the processor?

Asus g73jw 3de Notebook

Ive got one right now, i got it a year ago and was wondering what people think an appropriate price would be for the machine in it's state? its in excellent condition with a year remaining on the global/damage warranties and comes with the glasses, i...

SSD + HDD virtual Memory

Heya all,So I'm getting a G73SX soonish and I happen to have a spare SSD that might do well in the new machine. I'm thinking of using the SSD as my main drive and the 500gb HDD as my storage (as well as home for older games) and it dawned on me, whic...

Asus rog shuttle backpack

HiI have seen this bag and i askmyself why this bag not come with may Asus G74sx-tz.Maybe someone can askme why my G74SX have become with this bag http://www.chrisb...

advice please there seem to be anything wrong here?