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G74Sx - No Video when playing Blu-Ray movie disks

Hi,I recently bought my first laptop - a G74Sx. Am having a weird problem. I am trying to play Blu-Ray movie disks but all I get is the audio -- No Video. There is only a black screen while I can hear the audio playing. I have tried two different Blu...

azin by Level 7
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Power indicator

Hey guys I currently have an electrical problem in my house that causes the electricity to go out every few minutes for a few seconds. My asus g71g always slows down and slightly freezes for a sec, then the power supply logo and text saying Battery ...

Asus Live Update?

Do I really need it? :X When I first got my G74SX, it did update a few things, but it never really does anything else anymore. And from what I know, Asus never really updates their drivers anyway, which would (in theory) render Live Update kinda poin...

Partition question

So on my G74sx, it came with a 500 gb HDD. they were split up so that my OS HDD had 186 gb and the Data HDD got 250. I want to know if there is a way where I can redistribute the amount of space so that my OS has more space and the data has less (aro...

G73JW problems, please help :(

Hi,Since I bought the computer a few months ago I experienced some problems with it and I do not understand what they are caused from or how to fix them.The first problem is that sometimes when I play games, one of the following icons appears in the ...

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Drivers question

Hey guys I was just wondering where I can get all the neccessary drivers for my asus G71G? I just did a complete format of the whole computer and I do not have the discs that came with the lapto to find which ones I need. Is there a site that has a...

G73SW potential Video card problem? Should i be worried?

I have owned a G73SW for 11 months and in the past week i have had some issues that lead me to think that the GTX460m is on its way out.I noticed that when playing Crysis 2 i would get 'interferance lines' or a brief snowy pattern over the picture-s...

G60JX Overheating GPU

I have performed various searches in order to remediate my problem, but find varied information that doesn’t seem to directly apply to the problem.I managed to get an RMA before my warranty expired, but they just said it was fine and replaced a few s...

g73jh bsod

Hi I have been getting bsod while playing bf3 lately. I have recently reinstalled new cat software and it went way for about 4 days. Now its back. here is some of the info i get. Log Name: SystemSource: Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-PowerDate:...

Mess by Level 7
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