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G74Sx 3D shipped without glasses?

Hi!I bought a G74Sx around 2-3 month ago, because i needed a portable (lol, yes i know ...) desktop replacement. I asked the retailer if it got 3D with, wich say yes.So i bought it for 1799,00 € and was happy, because the last time i checked the pri...

Colki by Level 7
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G51Jx Built-In Mic Problems

Hi guys, i bought my G51Jx about a year and a half ago. Up to yesterday, the built-in mic was working fine. While I was skyping and playing LoL, my laptop overheated and crashed. When I restarted Skype, my friends said my mic sound had a lot of ba...

Heavy framerate drop after updating drivers

I recently updated the vBIOS, chipset and graphics card drivers on my G73jh (many thanks to the useful links on this forum )Everything works fine, except one thing : I get much lower framerate than before while playing games.For example, I used to r...

ChefOrc by Level 7
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Light, Performance buttons not working.

Hey!I got my G53sx this monday and it's working great, except for one thing. After using it for a couple of hours I thought I'd uninstall all the programs I didn't need, like the game trials and stuff like that.But since I restarted my computer after...

Rawwr by Level 7
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Asus G73JW oc GTX460M ?

Hi there,has anywhere the same Laptop with oc'ed the GTX460?What is your stable stats of core-,mem- and shaderclock?i would make a lite oc on my.greetings

SvenS by Level 7
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Asus G74S USB 3.0 problems

I was wandering if anyone has hand any problems with their USB 3.0 port on the Asus G74S.Every time a plug in any USB 3.0 supported external hard drive and try to copy data across the hard drive turns off and turns back on, needles to say I tried usi...

Asus G53 green screen at startup

it happens few day ago, everything i start up it, after loading windows screen, it pop up black green screen for 1s, then it goes in windows !!!! is it normal ??? ps : i dunno where to ask

Retired by Not applicable
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Screen flickers when playing games

Ok, so i got this computer a week ago. fantastic. btw, i have the g53sx-a1. got it from amazon, and was happy installed black ops and all my other steam games and played them all on high settings. never have i owned a computer that can do that. now l...

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Question Before buying a G74

Hey everyone,This is my real 1st post here. Im thinking about buying a G74 for college but am starting to worry after reading so many people having problems with there trackpad exc, just wondering from the people that have one is it really worth it a...