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Turbo Option is gone from P4G hybrid

I recently did a system restore and i lost all my asus utilities. I installed p4g and the hot keys but i noticed that the turbo options were gone from high performance mode. Is there a way to get it back?? This is the last thing that is wrong with ...

G74SX-NH71 with Kingston 1866 PNP

Hello I was just wondering if anyone has had any sucess with the Kingston HyperX 1866 ram. I have tried it ,and it fails prime 95 off the batt. I have an I7 2760 that I installed and it will run the kingston 1600 fine. I am seeing places where they a...

pa2806n by Level 8
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Upgrading to Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 on G74sx

Upgrading to Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 on G74sx In reference to this thread: I have just ordered a Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 - and just wanted to be sure that I am installing it ri...


fps dipping

so a few days ago the new nvidia driver 301.42 came out, and i downloaded it (the only thing i downloaded in a while) so i started playing tera and noticed that it was choppier. i used to get around 34-38 (on presets) fps but now im getting 26-31 and...

Franiel by Level 7
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G73SW poor performance in games.

Basicaly I have poor performance in games like BFBC2, Crysis 1-2, BF3, diablo 3, starcraft 2, skyrim By saying poor perfomance I mean fps drops to ~20, for example in bfbc2 fps could drop to like ~10 fps if there's a lot of explosions, smoke etc I'm ...

shiftee by Level 7
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Asus G75vw wont shutdown help plz

Got my g75vw from new egg about 2 weeks ago with no trouble but for the last two times it wont shutdown just goes to the shutdow screen and wont shutdown

bozeed by Level 7
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Mouse wheel setting reset after boot

My mouse wheel setting is stuck on 30 after every reboot. I change it to 3, do my session, and after a reboot, it come back to 30.Any idea ?G53JWsynaptic drivers 15.2.30razer abyssus drivers 2.01

Retired by Not applicable
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i restored my g51jx-x1, want stock programs back.

I just bought this laptop and installed diablo 3 and it played great until the next day. It lagged really bad so i a friend restore it for me. He is really good with computers so i trusted him. So i just got it back and i noticed everything was gone ...

usb 3.0 slow speed

Hello everyoneI have a small issue with usb 3.0 transfer speed.Yesterday my friend and i tested usb 3.0 ports on 2 different laptops. I have asus g73sw my friend has HP.Using same flash drive 2.0 his computer had a transfer rate of 60mb/sec , mine ha...

illia by Level 7
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