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Geforce Experience Slow on Scar 16 (2023)

From the get-go, GeForce Experience has been running slow when flagging which games it has optimised and when I go into Details for games, I have to wait several minutes for green wheels to stop spinning and show me settings it recommends.It's simila...

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ROG STRIX suggestions

Any thoughts on the best ROG STRIX for less than $1500?  Any word on Black Friday deals?

Asus ROG Strix G15 513RM laptop missing keystrokes

Hello there. I've been having a keyboard issue for a long while now and it is getting really frustrating. Sometimes when I am typing, my keyboard tends to skip a letter while I am sure I actually pressed it. For example when I type "Google", it shows...

WWooka by Level 7
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Cyclic stuttering with laptop asus rog strix G614JV

Hello, Im having this strange issue with this new laptop, in windows desktop the performance seems good, but in any game I got a very bad situation, every 2 seconds aproximately the frame rate drops and the recover and drops again, in a continuos cyc...

wi11ie by Level 8
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About BIOS update

1) We need ASUS make BIOS update optional and stopped pushing from windows update.2) We need you when releasing firmware update along with a list of changes, so we don't break our machines, and make our own decisions. if that's your goal to break our...

Asus ROG G713PI-XS86 recurring graphics driver issues

I keep getting the display adaptor drivers breaking for both the onboard Radeon 610M adaptor (part of Ryzen 7945HX CPU) and the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070.  The error code on the Radeon graphics seems to always be Error Code 31 (Windows can't load drive...

G713PV Random hard shutdowns

Hi everybody, a couple months ago I bought a new G713PV (Ryzen 9, 4060) That is a glitchy mess. I have to run the laptop in extreme mode otherwise it is prone to freezing on GPU switching. The biggest problem however is the frequent hard shutdowns. T...