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G73SW poor performance in games.

Basicaly I have poor performance in games like BFBC2, Crysis 1-2, BF3, diablo 3, starcraft 2, skyrim By saying poor perfomance I mean fps drops to ~20, for example in bfbc2 fps could drop to like ~10 fps if there's a lot of explosions, smoke etc I'm ...

shiftee by Level 7
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Asus G75vw wont shutdown help plz

Got my g75vw from new egg about 2 weeks ago with no trouble but for the last two times it wont shutdown just goes to the shutdow screen and wont shutdown

bozeed by Level 7
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Mouse wheel setting reset after boot

My mouse wheel setting is stuck on 30 after every reboot. I change it to 3, do my session, and after a reboot, it come back to 30.Any idea ?G53JWsynaptic drivers 15.2.30razer abyssus drivers 2.01

Retired by Not applicable
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i restored my g51jx-x1, want stock programs back.

I just bought this laptop and installed diablo 3 and it played great until the next day. It lagged really bad so i a friend restore it for me. He is really good with computers so i trusted him. So i just got it back and i noticed everything was gone ...

usb 3.0 slow speed

Hello everyoneI have a small issue with usb 3.0 transfer speed.Yesterday my friend and i tested usb 3.0 ports on 2 different laptops. I have asus g73sw my friend has HP.Using same flash drive 2.0 his computer had a transfer rate of 60mb/sec , mine ha...

illia by Level 7
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G73JH, help with opening the keyboard

Is anyone familiar with opening the keyboard for this model? Just the other day, I began to have problems with the 'w' key (Caps lock is my new w key). Sometimes the button doesn't respond at all, sometimes I press it once, and it doesn't stop going,...

Zantre by Level 7
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My G73J keeps crashing. Any ideas?

I'm not really computer savvy so I don't know what is going on. My G73 will play games for about twenty minutes then just turn off. When I try to turn it back on it will just flash the power light on and off for 3 seconds then shut back down. It will...

G75 6Gb/s SATA?

Hey so I installed an SSD recently but I only get like ~300 Mb/s. This SSD supports SATA with 6Gb/s which is like ~500Mb/s if I'm not mistaken.So my question is, does the G75 have SATA 6Gb/s support? Since I have the SSD in the secondary, I was wonde...

NInami by Level 7
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Why no switchable graphics in the g series gaming laptop?

I am really curious as to why Asus did not implement nvidia optimus in these gaming notebooks. Is it because it will affect the dedicated GPU performace? coz it is actually quite crazy to think that u r running a nvidia 560m on BATTERY even when u r ...