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My G73J keeps crashing. Any ideas?

I'm not really computer savvy so I don't know what is going on. My G73 will play games for about twenty minutes then just turn off. When I try to turn it back on it will just flash the power light on and off for 3 seconds then shut back down. It will...

G75 6Gb/s SATA?

Hey so I installed an SSD recently but I only get like ~300 Mb/s. This SSD supports SATA with 6Gb/s which is like ~500Mb/s if I'm not mistaken.So my question is, does the G75 have SATA 6Gb/s support? Since I have the SSD in the secondary, I was wonde...

NInami by Level 7
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Why no switchable graphics in the g series gaming laptop?

I am really curious as to why Asus did not implement nvidia optimus in these gaming notebooks. Is it because it will affect the dedicated GPU performace? coz it is actually quite crazy to think that u r running a nvidia 560m on BATTERY even when u r ...

ASUS G74SX cannot adjust screen brightness

Hi guys, I have a problem with my G74sx and adjusting the screen brightness. Here are the symptoms: I can press fn-f5 and fn-f6 to increase and decrease the brightness, and the little LCD BRIGHTNESS up/down animation happenes on the screen, the littl...

refrax by Level 7
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Question on G75VW SO-DIMM Slots

I was researching the different versions of the G75VW on the internet when I found the G75VW-NS72 as a favorable choice to be my next gaming notebook. However I found a few questions concerning the SO-DIMM slots in the laptop. The G75VW-NS72 says tha...

Sparkii by Level 7
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G53sw graphic card upgrade ?

Hey thereI want to upgrade my gtx460 to one of the 600 series , is it upgrade able ? because i contacted asus and the replayed to me that " regarding upgrade enquiry, basically for your laptop you can upgrade RAM and Harddisk only. Others unfortunat...

Retired by Not applicable
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Graphics Drivers

I here a lot around here that the Asus drivers are ****. So I'm just wondering if I should install the new Asus ones or the Nvidia ones. Also, what stuff from Asus should I uninstall?

G74 issue. BOOTMGR missing?????

Woke up this morning to find this on my screen. BOOTMGR is missingPress Ctrl+Alt+Del to restartI restart and get the same message. Any Insite into my issue?

mbart79 by Level 7
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THX Tru Studio problem on ASUS G53SX.

This issue occurs after I uninstall realtek x-fi mod driver. I've been trying to install a bunch of realtek drivers( include driver in Asus cd); however, It does not work. Please help! Thanks a lot!Ps: I've updated my bios to ver 209.