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asus restore

hello i have a asus G74s bought in the United States.but I live in Brazil and here they do not give support for product purchased in a company at events and depend on this notebook runningwell for the events ...I had a problem with the m...

G74SX GPU Problem 301.42

WHAT THE **** IS WRONG WITH THE ASUS SERVER???So i just typed a lot of stuff that is WRONG with my €2.000,- Laptop...thanks for nothing Asus...Since the update to Nvidias 301.42 my laptop often starts in 4:3 mode...loging in to windows in that mode r...

G74SX Rubberized top problems

HiDoes anyone with a G74Sx has problems with the top rubbercoating. With me it's just coming off.I am even to scared to put him in to the backpack that you get with it, cause I think it will only make things wurse.So let me now if you have the same p...

Help with G73jh

Hey guys, first time posting on here I think it's long past due and would appreciate any insight someone can provide for me. If anyone could send me a PM or post here with possible suggestions that would be solid. If it was acceptable we could tra...

Display issue on Asus G74SX ? Screen go's grey then black

As it said in my title, I have had this issue twice now where I will be just sitting in Windows browsing away, then all of a sudden my screen blinks, go's grey then black.... I can hear windows operating in the background normally but there is no way...

[ISSUE] Sound playing through both headphones and speakers

Hi, I noticed when i plug in my headphones into my computer, the headphones work but the speakers do not deactivate. I unplug the headphones and plug them back in, that deactivates the speakers temporarily but after a couple minutes the speakers acti...

Murtag by Level 7
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ROG team wants to know: Gaming questions for G series users!

In our continuing effort to build better products and get to know you lot, we'd like some feedback from our G series users 1) What type of games do you play on your G series?2) What is your preferred peripheral setup?Thanks everyone!

X-ROG by Level 15
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Questions about RAM and SSD

Hello, about in one week I will receive one of the G75VW-T1054V model. I will plan to upgrade RAM to 16GB and one of the SSD.So, I want to ask you if I will install 8GB RAM (corsair vengeance) in ONE slot (free 2 slots available in this model), syste...

Asus G73s Screen Flicker while gaming!

Hi !Im useing an Asus G73s , and get screen flicker or GSoDs when im gaming i can play dota 2 , diablo 3 dossent matter after a while the screen just buggs out and flicker in diffrent colors when i close the laptop and open it agen its dissapears for...

ng1987 by Level 7
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