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How does the G75VW perform with a 27 inch+ 3D monitor...?

Hi people!Just wondering if any of you have tried a 3d monitor with the g75vw (the one that didnt ship with the 3d monitor of course) with any success...?I love my laptop...runs awsome...had a few teething problems, but now all the teeth have been ex...

Disappointed - ASUS G55VW

I don't know much about computers, but I knew I was going to like this one. When I started the computer, I booted it up and started to install games and programs. I was very exited! Then I noticed that the CD-Rom didn't work. ASUS support told me t...

I need some help.

Im looking to buy an asus g75vw but i would like to change the graphics card, does anyone know if the GeForce GTX 680M is compatible with asus g75vw. Im also looking for a site where i can customize and then order the computer. Please help.

Asus G73sw - Loud Fan

I bought the Asus G73sw less than a year ago. But recently I noticed that the Laptop was unnormal loud, because of the fan.So I looked up the GPU temparture which was about 88 Degreas. And I wasn't running anything GPU intensive, just my normal Deskt...

Robinio by Level 7
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running 32 bit programs on G74s

I have a G74s running win7 x64 pro. I talked to Asus support about an inability to run 32 bit programs which they said is "by design". So what is the syswow64 stuff for? Shouldn't technically the 32 bit version of ie9 (among other software) work? ...

New VIA Driver and still same problem :/

VIA HD Audio Driver v6.0.01.10500d Still same old same G75VW problem now i began to think that Asus messed up and this is not a software problem

Ayman by Level 10
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G74SX - screen turns off when battery is not in?

I don't understand what happened. My G74SX was running just fine for awhile, and then out of nowhere one day the screen went black. I tried using the FN combination to maybe turn off the dim on the screen and it just didn't work, I turned off the lap...

Lazer77 by Level 7
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Safely Transfer files from C: in another driver

I've recently pretty much filled up my C: which is my SSD with games and programs etc. I want to know the safest way to transfer them to another drive without screwing anything up, if there is a way?

vinney15 by Level 7
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A little worried

I ordered a g55vw-rs71 from sears and was super excited looking at the pc stats for the price.But now after reading this forums and noticing a lot of people have many issues with this laptop and things not working etc...So I am just asking if somebod...

Tyranth by Level 7
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