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Please help me! I'm getting audio stuttering.

I own a G75VW and about a week ago I was getting ready to play when suddently there was some sort of glitch sound and my PC kinda lagged for one second. I thought it was just a glitch so I figured it wouldn't happen again. Now it happens every three ...

jaavwm by Level 7
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asus g55vw with 32 gb ram????

Ive got an g55vm witg 8 gbram. And i wanna a little confuse Can i put 4x8 gb (32 gbRAM) 1600 sodimm ???Themotheboard willlsupport it????

lobo9mm by Level 7
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BATTERY MODE AC MODE over and over and over and over again

Sorry for reposting from General Discussion but...Hey guys, On my G74Sx I have been reading previous threads of when the power options keep flickering between AC Mode and Battery mode.My Asus warranty is currently up so my plans are to have it fixed ...

G55 weight????

i wish to buy a g55vw. the only thing i'm worried about is the weight. i need to carry it twice per week through a bit longer distance so the weight factor is really important to me. my budget isnt enough for g55 and somthing lighter than that. is it...

Gaming performance with and w/out power supply plugged in?

As long as your power plan settings are set to High Performance mode is there any performance difference while gaming with or without the power supply plugged in? I've read a few people mention that GTX 660 draws more power than what battery voltage ...

G75 and the samsung gamer series

Hey guys, So when i visited mall of america at minneapolis, i saw the microsoft store. They had the samsung gamer series laptop. I can't believe how similar it is to the g75. I was kind of shocked. The dual vents at the back look identical. The samsu...

FurMark score??

Well I'm not really familiar with this benchmark or really fast Video. But this seems like it's less that half of what I should be getting. I am running the latest drivers 306.97 This G75 is not really set up as a gaming computer. I do have lots of ...

Clintlgm by Level 14
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How low does the gpu throttle on battery?

I don't own this laptop. But I'm curious.I know the 660m gpu throttles on battery because the battery can't provide enough juice quick enough.But I'm wondering how low it throttles on the asus g55/75 with 660m.Lowest clock speed recorded....... That'...

link626 by Level 7
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