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Wireless huge lag spikes g75vw

Hi. Right now I am experimenting some crazy lag spikes when Im using my g75vw to connect to the internet. Here are some features of my g75vw.Basically I play a game, and then I get a 4000ms ping for 5 seconds. then it goes back to normal. it happens ...

Eosi by Level 7
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G75VW FPS Issues on battery

I have an issue with my new G75VW-NS71 with the GTX 670m. When I run games (Specifically Borderlands 2) I get about 60 FPS on max settings for a few seconds. Then the screen flashes black for a moment and my FPS drops to about 1, then a few seconds...

G75VW Graphics Glitches

About a month ago, I picked up a factory refurbished G75VW from Newegg. It runs quietly and quickly and I've largely had no problems aside from the subwoofer driver and USB port issues that some users have experienced. I was able to resolve those on ...

-Magnus- by Level 7
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Upgrade wireless on G53JW?

I've got a G53JW, I want to take out the AR9285 card and upgrade it to a card that supports 5 gHz band.I've heard Intel Wireless-n 6300 is good for G73, will this work for me or would I be better off buying a USB dongle (was looking at Linksys AE1000...

New G75vw screen + mouse freez

Hey, Just bought my G75 a month ago, reinstalled a clean windows 7 x64 and downloaded all the drivers from Asus website. Now my computer freeze's randomly, either when it boots up or when i'm just surfing the web. The screen freezes and cant do anyth...

Twikkan by Level 7
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Laptop Sleeves that will fit an Asus G55?

My Asus G55VW is just arrived, and much to my surprise, the laptop is closer to 17" form than 15.6".I'm looking for a laptop sleeve that will fit the Asus G55, and preferably with that oversized power brick it came with.Asus G55 owners: What sleeves ...

G55 Touchpad Button Issue?

So i have noticed in many games now that when i am using the right mouse button on the touchpad to click (I.E. - Rifle sights/Zoom) that the left button will then not work when pressed. Is this something i can configure in the settings? (I did look i...

Keeps tabbing to desktop automatically (G74sx)

For some reason while I'm on a browser, or games, or anything, it keeps tabbing out to desktop automatically randomly... Sometimes it does it every 5 seconds, sometimes it won't do it for an hour. I can't play any games anymore cause I keep gettin...

Please help me! I'm getting audio stuttering.

I own a G75VW and about a week ago I was getting ready to play when suddently there was some sort of glitch sound and my PC kinda lagged for one second. I thought it was just a glitch so I figured it wouldn't happen again. Now it happens every three ...

jaavwm by Level 7
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