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G74SX Mouse Issue

As of recent I've been having some issues. Firstly the trackpad ( ) now its moved to the actual mouse.While ingame the mouse clicks arent registering and...

Screen Protector Needed?

Hi All,I was just wondering how many of you have screen protectors on your ROG notebooks and if it is necessary to have one. I currently have a matte screen protector and I am thinking of taking it of recently because it really ruins the resolution o...

3D glasses on youtube 3D clips

anyone know how to get the 3D glasses to work with the 3D clips that are on youtube,I have turned on my glasses, found a clip on youtube that is in 3D and yet the 3D light at top of me screen won't come on.Is there some way to make my laptop detect ...

I'd like to ask you guys who r using 3d vision2 issues.

My question is that can you control a convergence in game??? I heard that so many people have better experienced when they control a convergence instead of depth on control panel.I found some video on youtube that convergence changing is like this: ...

ForCeV by Level 10
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GeForce 306.23 Driver, do you use them?

Yes or no? And if yes, do you experience that the G75V or G55 gets more heated then before?Any better experience in your favorite games because of 306.23 driver?Anything bad or good you could share?

660m or 670m - need gaming benchmarks

Hi all! clearly shows the 660m slower than the 670m (10 to 20%) and 30% slower than the 675m. Yes. I know the 660m uses less power, is cooler, newer platform, and can be overclocked a bunch, but, the 670M can be OC too. Of course...

noneone by Level 8
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Yet another question

First on the forum and i already have two topics, how cool am i... but really i got a g75 and this is the first notebook i've had since one my old man got me in 2002 which didn't even have wi-fi. how do ssd and opitcal drives work? everytime i try to...

Get some extra umph from your G55/G75 for free.

Original Source. this is something we been doing in the benchmarking world for some time. Usually done by editing some registry entry'sPretty simple to do. Just download then ru...