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Gaming FPS Shortage

Just a quick question for those who play lots of games. I play TERA and I am lucky to get 40FPS. Is that expected or not good. It seems to go below 25 at times. Is there something i should have done to make it run better. I have the game on max ...

A couple of Questions from a G75 Newbie...

Reading some of the posts on overclocking has got me thinking and searching the forum hasn't really awnsered my questions so I thought i'd bite the bullet and start a thread. I've had my new G75 for about a month now and have things ticking over quit...

Small Scratch on Screen - New G53SX

I recently purchased (3 mths) a G53SX from Best Buy Canada. When I was inspecting the screen, I noticed a small, scratch like mark (approx 3-5cm) in the center of the screen. It's not visible during normal operation, but it's there when I shine a fla...

Raccoon by Level 7
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Quick Question Regarding Secondary Screen

I had a thought when considering whether or not to keep my current G74SX, upgrade to a G75, or upgrade to a desktop machine. I think trying out 3D technology would be fairly neat, and I thought that I needed either a G75 or a desktop as I do not have...

G73jh boot problems

Hello everybody, I have a G73JH-RBBX05 that is out of warranty, so I opened it up to do a deep cleaning inside (and it needed it so bad) after reassembling it as soon as I plug the AC adapter the computer turns on by itself, but no image on the scre...

G75VW and GW2 performance question

Hello,Im new here and also kinda new to hardware and that stuff, i just wanna ask a couple of questions regarding G75VW performance...I just bought a couple of weeks ago a new G75VW to (mostly) play GW2. The game is 1/2 days away from the release da...

Loghain by Level 7
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Computer Freezes

My pc, after several other problems have started to do lockups/freezes. The lockups seems random but not far after I've started a game. I have browsed the internet for hours without problems and watched a lot of IPTV in VLC without issues. The comput...

G75VW - Raid?

Hi.I am kind of "noob" when it comes to setting up Raid.In fact i have never done it before.And have a question.Is it possible to set a raid config on a g75vw?exampel: 2*OCZ SSD Agility 4 Series 2.5" 256GB