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Asus G73s Screen Flicker while gaming!

Hi !Im useing an Asus G73s , and get screen flicker or GSoDs when im gaming i can play dota 2 , diablo 3 dossent matter after a while the screen just buggs out and flicker in diffrent colors when i close the laptop and open it agen its dissapears for...

ng1987 by Level 7
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G75VW-T1086V Cannot find 3D Option

Hello everyone,So I just managed to buy a new laptop yesterday, a G75VW-T1086V (fitted with a GeForce 670M), and the salesman mentioned it is 3D Capable and all. I've been trying to enable the 3D Feature, in my start menu I'm able to notice a NVIDIA ...

JayFel by Level 7
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ASUS G75VW Lag problems :/

Hey, i rencently bought my new laptop G75VW.SPECS: Core i7 3610QM / 2.3 GHzWindows 7 Home Premium 64-bit16 GB RAM750 GB HybriddrevBlu-ray Writer17.3"NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670MWhen i got the laptop it used give me some huge lag spikes both on graphics an...

G55VW doesn't support 900p?

Hi guys, new owner of a G55VW-DS71 here. I just noticed when setting up graphics for some games that my next resolution option after 1920x1080 is 1600x1024? I have no option for the next widescreen resolution down the line, which should be 1600x900. ...

Gt7 GTX 660M overclocking. Time to see how high it goes.

So for some reason i'm locked at 1.1v until i flash my modded bios. Not one of the best results but its on avrage of what im getting.Core 1,344mhaMem. 5,710mha is 100% stable. max load temps are 65c on the gpu...

For anyone with a Crucial M4 SSD, read this (just in case)

Just found out about this today, but for Crucial M4 SSDs there's a bug that when you hit 5200 hours of use, the SSD would become unstable. Here's a link talking about the problem, and at there's another link at the bottom for the firmware update. I k...

[G75 Problem] 3DVision won't work

Hi!I have a really strange issue and I am the point where I have runned out of ideas to solve it.I recently bought an Asus G75VW T1066V (which comes with a GTX670M and advertised as 3D Vision compatible) and a Benq XL2420T 24" monitor (which is also ...

G75VW-AS71 laptop doesn't completely power on anymore

I've had this laptop for about 2-3 weeks. Last night, I turned it off for a few hours, but it wouldn't turn back on. When I pressed the power button, the power button lit up and two of the status indicators lit up, but the screen and keyboard did abs...

Radish by Level 7
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Gaming FPS Shortage

Just a quick question for those who play lots of games. I play TERA and I am lucky to get 40FPS. Is that expected or not good. It seems to go below 25 at times. Is there something i should have done to make it run better. I have the game on max ...