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Hot when asleep

Hey guys. So i've been playing with my g75 since i've gotten it and its amazing. Im just setting it up and getting ready for school with it.I just got the everki titan backpack and I was testing it out today. I closed my laptop screen and put it into...

Loose foot pad on g55

I just received my g55 a few days ago and yesterday i noticed that the top left rubber foot pad is loose. Does anyone know howthey are attached? double sided tape? Since it is in a spot that would void the warranty if i took it apart i don't want to ...

GOON by Level 7
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G74Sx Gaming Temps

Is 53 degrees C on my GPU and 60-63C on my 0 and 1 core an OK temperature? I am not sure if I am overheating or not while gaming on fill settings on HoN

Question about G75 and SSD

Hi everyone !Some Kingston SSD's comes with a adhesive adapter, and i'm wondering if i need to put on that adapter on to the SSD in order to fit the hdd bay.I hope someone can clarify this.

Sinless by Level 10
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Couple of problems with G75V

Hi y'all.So the day before yesterday I got my new ASUS G75V, with an additional 4x2 GB memory ordered along with it so I could fill all slots and have 16 GB memory. Installed, booted up, ran the first time bootup image entering country, username, pas...

krisk by Level 7
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G75VW crashing

I've recently bought this laptop and since day one I've been having problems with it. At first it randomly rebooted every now and then, in a search trough these forums I tried all sorts of different things inluding updating every driver I could find ...

Drakes by Level 7
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Graphic Driver Crashing then Recovering

Hi there,so I'm pretty new to this, but I got my Asus G75VW-T1013V about a month ago, and i uninstalled Asus Live Update when I first booted the laptop up. A couple weeks ago I get a notification that Asus Live Update has succesfully updated to the ...

G75VW blown speakers?

I have a G75VW that appears to have faulty/blown speakers. Even a reinstall onto an SSD, sans drivers, produces horrible crackly and tinny sound compared to my G73JH. I installed the latest VIA audio drivers and played around to no avail.Has this be...

Mif by Level 7
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3D or not 3D?

Is the 3D screen worth the extra mony tag, even when not using 3D?Will the 10% extra color space be visible (60% vs 70% of NTSC color gamut)?When watching fast moving stuff, I guess a 120Hz panel will always be superior?