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HELP! Windows 8 Drivers?

Hi,I upgraded my G74SX to Windows 8 Pro but some things don't work because I need te drivers.So where can I find the G74SX drivers?- Thanks!

Reinstall G74S on SSD

Hi All,My C: drive is full due to Users Directory. I want to reinstall or MOVE the Users directory to the data drive since the SSD drive is small. The G74s laptop never came with a Windows 7 install disk.What do you guys advise for either simply mo...

G55 or G75

Hello everyone, here is another g55 or g75 thread I'm afriad.I've always been a desktop user and have never really considerd getting a gaming laptop but in the later while I've seen myself saying NO to lan party invites just cause my computer is waaa...


Does anyone know how long it will be until asus makes a laptop with the new GTX 680m?

HarryM by Level 7
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G74SX cooling fan

ok i bought a G74SX about 2 years now and i sure do use it a lot for gameswell about 2 weeks ago one of the cooling fans when bad (it has 2) so i decide to change the part myself and im having trouble finding this type of fan. i when to asus store we...

Einar00 by Level 7
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G74SX Windows 8 Bluetooth

I just upgraded my G74SX from the Win7 it came with to Win8. I've gotten everything to work except the bluetooth. With whatever stock driver it came with, it would work fine with my bluetooth keyboard but for whatever reason it doesn't do anything wi...

Asus G73JH

Hey guys, first of all im new here so go easy on the newb please. I have the BestBuy version of the Asus G73JH. I recently bought an SSD to speed it up some and today i installed it. My problem is that my secondary (originally the empty) bay does not...

G73JW Recovery disks failing

I could make a lot of angry comments right now but I'll keep it to this.I bought a Crucial M4 SSD to install Windows on. I put in all 5 discs and the process ended in around 55 minutes. After that my PC restarted and it asked me to insert some type o...

Has anyone installed a 12mm hard drive in G74SX?

I am thinking about grabbing the Toshiba Canvio Basic 1.5TB and I suspect it is a 12mm drive. Has anyone tried putting a 12mm drive in the G74SX? Edit:I discovered I had an old 12mm drive laying under some junk and tried it. It worked fine.