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Wireless N issue on G75VW

Hello All,I have 50/25 Verizon FIOS with a Westell router. Connected to this router I have a Linksys D600 E2500 Wireless N Router connected to that. When I connect to the E2500 while its set to G mode, I get 20 - 25 Mbps download on Speedtest. If I s...

G74 Admin password removal question

I have talked to ASUS over the phone and wasn't able to find out how much it will cost to get the Admin password removed. I figured I would come here instead of asking for a supervisor. Has anyone had this procedure done and how much do they charge?

dabigin by Level 7
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Append new boot record for Secure Boot

Hi all, Yesterday I've installed Win7 instead of my Win8 (drive with Win8 removed). In bios I changed all secure boot options to "Query User", and after restart I got message about missing X.509 hash of that boot in DB, and 3 available answer: append...

Just by Level 7
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G53JW - No HDD detecting in BIOS

Hey all,I've trawled through the forums but can't find a similar thread that has helped so far...My G53JW is currently unable to detect either of my HDD's in either of the bays. I don't know what has caused it, I came back from work last Monday and ...

Major ERROR with my G73SW 3D

Hi.I had purchased this G73SW 3D laptop at Digital Asia Funan IT mall SINGAPORE just recently last mid of November 2012.These past few weeks it runs smoothly, and last night, the moment I opened it, something different i noticed the moment I got into...

ASUS Fan Filter Checker

Hi guys... I have this ASUS fan filter checker installed in my G75VW and I have 1075 hrs under my hood. What is your estimated fan filter usage time before you clean your filter? How do you clean it? Thanks!

G74 both IE & chrome close on their own

Hey folks wondering if anyone has had this problem.For a few weeks now on my wifes computer when she is on internet, using either ie or chrome the browser will close including all tabs that were open. No error report that I can see. Was wondering if...

kb0sdq by Level 10
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hi I just got my g46 and I tried to use or click the webcam it doestn nothing happens but when I tried to use my Skype webcam and ido cam it works...? can any1 tell me whats wrong

unknown by Level 7
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