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Anti-virus and Malware protection question

So I know I'm probably asking for it, I've read other threads and everyone ha their own opinion on the topic. I have the latest version of Norton, it comes free with my Comcast subscription. Is this sufficient? Some people, it seems, run Norton and a...

VIa HD Audio Deck Equalizer?????

Where is the equalizer on this mofo? I'd like to increase some treble or at least choose from diff presets since the default one sounds like it is inside a damn can with no treble.

G74SX trackpad is slowly killing me on the inside

I know this sounds like a broken record, but I need some help. Ive checked the forum, but didnt find my answer.My FN+DISABLE PAD doesnt work. The FN key does work, because I can use every other option. volume, brightness, keyboard backlight etc etc, ...

Restoring the machine.

For whatever reason, I feel like these forums are the best place to keep updating my computer situation.As I am impatient and Xotic's customer support seems to have a "one e-mail per day" policy, I've decided to RMA my machine and swap it out for ano...

New RoG member here

Greetings, New member of RoG here and I recently just purchased my very first gaming pc via laptop. Got the G75vw-BBK5 model and got the logitech speaker/subwoofer set to go with it. So far having a blast, but I have been looking into possibly get...

G53SW Power Issue-- Solder?

I sent my G53SW in for repairs twice now for Power Plug issues. First 2 times the pin came out. This time, it would only work intermittently depending on how the cable was laying. I called ASUS and they said I was out of warranty since my last rep...

G75VW Hdd Upgrade

Hello guys i"ve got a G75VW ...and i want to upgrade it with one ssd ,which option is the better choice,AHCI or RAID?I keep also the 750/7200rpm ssh.

G75 Freeze Issue - Fully Documented *UNSOLVED

Hey folks. So I am unfortuntaley a victim of the dreaded "G75 Freeze" problem. Once it froze the first time, I googled it and it led me to this forum. Immeditaley I started documenting everything as I tried to solve the issue. I will update this thre...

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