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Help help help please

so i have several questions bc i made the choice to buy a ASUS G75VW-DS72 but there are several things i dont understand im not a tech savvy but i know that the current laptop i have is crap and is useless and im starting to get into pc gaming and ki...

iMarrok by Level 7
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Help With Asus G75

Ok so i bought a G75 from bestbuy and did the system recovery and everything and so basically my problem is at first my steam games ran perfectly with no lag but a couple of days after/still happens now i get this 2 second lag every now and then on A...

full screen gaming problem

hi i need help i just got my g75series for play games and watch movies while i am in deployment , i do not know how i can play a full screen game when a running the game its open and run perfectly but no in a full screen its open just in the middle o...

G53JW with 296.10-Flash Full Screen Latency

Hi guys,I've been testing some behaviours of my notebook since i did a GPU driver update to my GTX 460 which is a part of G53JW. I noticed after updating to official Verde 296.10, on Youtube or on other video sites, if i click "full screen" on flash ...

Problem with G73SW

@JT23, I created this thread for you, please post here. EDIT: - @JT23 is having trouble posting...vBulletin issues :(, so I am posting what he PMs me...PMs work apparently...go figure!

Jagged edges in high-def videos on G73JW

I have the G73JW 3D gaming laptop. I updated my graphics driver to 301.42, as it came up in Asus Update. Now, while watching YouTube videos, I see jagged edges (screenshot attached) around objects, even when the resolution is high-definition. It's di...

keith11 by Level 7
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My laptop does not turn off

This message is translated by google to see if I understandI have a problem with my laptopIt turns out that when I shut off is not restartedThe I do to turn it off is to click Start and Shutdown and restart not shut offIf I restart hibernate as singl...

Failed optical drive G75

Hey Marshall,I tried calling into North America support for a replacement optical drive for my G75. The optical drive allowed me to burn recovery media but after that has not allowed me to burn any cds or dvds whether I try to burn them as media disc...