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What Size Is the Wireless Card In the G75VW? (Half Height)

I'm thinking of replacing the existing wireless card with a Centrino 6230 or 6235. Was wondering what size card to order. Having only two antenna, anything more than the 6230 or 6235 would be overkill. Has anybody else swapped their wireless card out...

Brightness problem G55VW Win 8

Hi,So this problem occurred after I did a clean install of windows 8 (mine come with Win 7).I can't adjust the brightness, the hot-key/shortcut didn't work, others are working with no problem at all (Airplane mode, backlit, etc).Since this is a clean...

eRicK89 by Level 7
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G53SX Dissasemble too clean.

Hello RoG, seems like a nice forum here.Well i have my G53SX, and i know how to dissasemble it, but how long down can i dissasemble it before warranty looses?Because it started being pretty loud recently, so i want to clean it. But i DO NOT want to l...

[G75VW] After bios update 221, no DD, no CD... no boot.

Hi',Firstable, know i'm french, so excuse my english.Secondly, I explained my problem :I recently purchased a G75VW has 2 hard drives of 500 GB each that I spent in RAID0 via bios.I then installed Windows 8 over, etc ...But after the Update BIOS 221 ...

Kyraw by Level 7
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G75vx uk

I've been looking at getting the G75 for a number of months now, ive seen the G75VW on amazon and scan but ive seen the G75VX is now available. So to get to my question I'm just wondering where have people from the UK bought the G75VX?Also If anyone ...


Okay guys I am looking to put in an Intel 520 SSD 120 GB. So two questions. First is thoughts on the Intel 520 good or bad? The second is has anyone made a system image of everything they have and restore it to a SSD? I use Arconis Disk Director t...

Spydyr by Level 7
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Cannot get into the bios

I am not able to get into the bios at all. I hit f2 and just goes to windows 8 login. I spammed the button, still nothing. It simply will not allow me to get into the bios. I tried f12, f1, I tried every Asus combination possible.Any help please.I ha...

Attila by Level 7
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Newbie Memory Upgrade Questions

This is my first post in any sort of computer forum, but I think I'm doing this right.I currently own a G74SX-XA1 with a 750GB hard drive and 3 x 4 GB of RAM.Is there anything I need to know if I want to upgrade either? I want to upgrade my hard driv...

Wireless N issue on G75VW

Hello All,I have 50/25 Verizon FIOS with a Westell router. Connected to this router I have a Linksys D600 E2500 Wireless N Router connected to that. When I connect to the E2500 while its set to G mode, I get 20 - 25 Mbps download on Speedtest. If I s...