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My asus g73jh keeps crashing...

I'm fairly certain it is the processor, mostly because whenever it does bluescreen, it's because I have a lot of stuff open at once. It used to happen fairly rarely, but over the past few months, it has gotten worse and worse, until simply opening go...

G75VX driver update help

Hey everyone, just received by G75vx and I absolutely love it, wow so nice. Just wondering if it is ok to update the nvidia driver directly from nvidia as a newer driver set is out and since the 670mx is new I suspect there is added support. I'm wo...

G75VW Rubber Feet

Greetings to all,Does anyone know where I can get a set of the Rubber Feet for a G75VW?I have lost one and would like to have a set for backups.Thanks,

Grey color turned PINK on my monitor suddenly

Hi guys. I've had my G74SX for about 4 months now, all running smooth and fine until yesterday when i was just googling stuff then suddenly everything that was grey colored turned to a pinky color. i tried searchig for this problem on google and here...

Snuffy by Level 8
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G75vw-bbk5 from bestbuy will not boot up/blackscreen

Hello everyone, First off I have been searching on the web for over 2 hours for my issue. I have found a lot of thing close to mine but not my problem so here is my post. I had my computer on all day (not in hibernation or sleep) and when I got home...

ninjabk by Level 7
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Speakers/headphones problem

Hi allI have a problem with my new G75V, in which sometimes, when I am using it with my headphones, the sound will also come from the speakers, when it shall only came out sound from the headphones when its connected to the notebook.Does somebody kno...

ZeroAE by Level 7
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Attempting to RMA a G53JW-A1

Hi,I would like to confirm that there is no possibility of in-person drop off for Canadian RMAs that go to Carepoint / SuperC @ 4011 14th Avenue Markham. When I previously RMAed my Laptop due to screen issues, I was able to personally deliver / pick...

Model g74sx Asus Laptop won't power on

No lights, no sounds, not even a slight fan wur. Immediate help would be very much appreciated, I'm going completely bat **** over here.Currently I tested the adapter with a multimeter, and tried to do the thing with holding the power button. I turne...

Estillum by Level 7
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scrolling reversed on g75vw

just got a new g75vw with windows 8 OS I'm very pleased so far except with some of the quirks of the new windows scrolling on touchpad is reversed. It's like its trying to act like a touch screen instead of a touch pad. also it requirestwo fing...

68-69Degrees G75VW

is that normal? In games like Diablo even on the lowest settings. Same temperature on low/high.Games like BF3/Crysis or anything else new get me 68-69degrees while gaming. Is that normal? Sorry I'm paranoid about heat issues, because that's how my de...