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Strix scar ii gl504gm acmon battery draining issue

I noticed that my GL504GM cant boot up unless with the charger plugged in around one year ago, and recently I found the solution. The culprit is the ACMON in GameVisual. ACMON drains the battery tiill 0% when booting even when its 100% charged, when ...

GL702 which bios version

Sticker show my notebook model is gl702vm-ds74 Z show model is GL702vmk bios model and version choose and why? GL702vm or VMK

karb10 by Level 7
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Asus rog g732lws

Im unable to update intel gpu drivers on this laptop to version (all 30.0 drivers). Windows download 26.0 intel driver then i need to manually download 27.0 driver after that 30.0 driver to get it working. But when i do all of that wind...

Sib3riX by Level 7
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Rog g15 Advantage Edition - Stuck in PCIe Gen 3 x8

BIOS, CPUZ, and Radeon Software all report PCIe Gen 4 is supported but the lane(s) appear to be stuck on Gen 3 x8. Everything is up to date, and the ram has been upgraded. Switching back to stock ram doesn't cause it to change.Initially I had 2 NVMe ...

Xerora by Level 7
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GL503VD Keyboard issue

Hi Everyone, new guy here.I have a problem with my GL503VD Keyboard. At random times the keyboard just stops working, I can use the touchpad or mouse if I have one connected.If I keep typing on the keyboard nothing shows up on the screen, the only 2 ...

Igniz99 by Level 7
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