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G53sw Sound Issues

Hey everybody.I am using a g53sw, and i have noticed that when i plug in my 2.1 speakers, the sound does not come out properly. I checked in the audio manager, and i cannot change the speaker configuration from "Sterio" at all, as it is greyed outDoe...

BIOS Performance settings

I'm not sure if this was already posted, I can not find it.I saw in a G55 a Performance section in BIOS. When I got mine, it had that. Some people say they do not have it. I had several G75 as well with no Performance settings in BIOS.Why some laptop...

c_man by Level 11
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What's the Number Pad Lock Key for the ASUS G74SX?

Just asking because I think I accidentally turned off my number pad, so it works up it now moves web pages up and down and things like that, lol. And when I know what the Numb Pad key is... how do I make my number pad work like it used to? (Being abl...

G75VW Driver disk & Questions

I was wondering if anyone had the ISO to this disk. I never received it from the retail store i purchased it from. Any help would be greatly appreciated!Also I just did a clean reformat with a SSD I added. I am new to this 3D nvidia and was wondering...

2 monitors on HDMI/DVI with G74

Hello guys,i own a G74 lap top which has one HDMI and one DSUB out. I would like to have dual monitor system on my G74, but with digital connection (HDMI/DVI). So i'm wondering is there any way to connect two monitors on 1 HDMI OUT? I need to have se...

HDD/BIOS Security Password Question

This is something I noticed when originally checking out the security feature of the G75, I've noticed that entering passwords for both the HDD and the Admin/User pre BIOS boot.. It only takes lowercase passwords.I tend to use the standard Uppercas...

G74SX-BBK7 Help

This is my first post here and I apologize if its in the incorrect sub-forum. I was recently having issues with my laptop's cd/dvd drive where it wasnt reading any type of disks but it was recognized by the computer so I was trying to do a system res...

jtech48 by Level 7
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G74SX-BBK7 Question

Hi,This model of G74 is sold by bestbuy and memory bus of the GPU is lowered from 192-bit to 128-bit. I wonder if this is done by software ( bios of gpu ) or hardware. If this is done by software is there a possibility that we can install 192-bit one...

Galdor by Level 7
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