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G75 IPS screen upgrade?

Well I was googling like crazy for a few days, and it seems the mighty G doesn't have the answer to my question. Is it possible to upgrade my screen on a G75vx to an IPS panel screen. Does someone know which IPS panel screen can be used and/or did so...

Tomislav by Level 11
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Help with G74SX-BBK7 Recovery Partition

Hey guys, I got this guy off of Newegg a year ago, new, just in a stripped down Newegg box. No DVDs that I have or remember receiving. I go to use the Asus recovery utility to make the back up disks, and it errors out, because all of the info used in...

ASUS G74SX-BBK9 Manufacturer Warranty Extension

A pleasant day to all ROGers!I would like to ask for any details with regards to extending the 1-year Accidental Manufacturer Warranty that came to my ASUS G74SX-BBK9 when I bought it from BestBuy. I didn't buy the Accidental Warranty Plan of BestBuy...

G75vw Windows 8 Driver issues

I was previously running win 7 but decided to buy win 8. After installing win 8 for some reason I am unable to install drivers. I am getting one of two errors wen I try to install the drivers I download from the asus web site for win 8. the 1st one s...

devpane by Level 7
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G75vw and sony hmz-t1 hdmi connection problem

Whenever i try to connect my Sony HMZ-T1head mounted display with laptop via HDMI the laptop does not respond at all. I have no problem with connecting the laptop to any other external displays and the HMZ-T1 works well as well with other computers. ...

Need new HDD plastic plate

So my friend was all "I'm totally going to get this SSD to work, imma open and close the HDD bays five or six times to make this work. Oh noes! I've broken two of the black plastic tabs! I need a new plate! Buy me one! You told me I needed an SSD and...

arkiel by Level 7
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G75vw stuck on windows animation

Hi everyone, seem to have a problem with my G75vw. Bought this laptop on the 13th of December. Worked fine for the first month, now for the past week or so when ever it boots up from hibernation the windows anmation would freeze but after a couple o...

Smla92 by Level 7
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touchpad doesnt respond in mouselook when i move

Whenever i move in mouselook, my cursor wont move. It freezes soon as i use arrows keys to move. I found F9 will restore the touchpad function again, but soon as i leave mouselook and go back, i have to hit F9 again..i end up having to do it over and...

G75vx Win 8 Drivers

Hey,I've recently purchaased a G75vx and have also bought an SSD to act as the boot drive. The laptop came with a Win 8 cd and a driver cd. The drivers are for a G75vw laptop.Once i installed the SSD and configured the bios (thanks for all the help...

Dorsai by Level 7
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