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Will Asus G55 work with 1866mhz ram or 2133mhz ram?

Hello does anybody know if I can upgrade my current 12gb 1600mhz ram into 16gb 1866mhz or possibly 2133mhz ram? I've heard storys about people buying corsair vengence 1866mhz ram only to have it revert back down to 1600mhz or somewhere around the 170...

Asus G55VW automatic bios flash? how can this be possible?

Hi,I'm have an Asus G55VW(core i7 3610, 16Gb ram, GF 660, 750Gb, Windows 8), purchased 2-3 months ago, and I have a problem.I usually use my laptop without battery, as a desktop replacement.For several days I see a thing happening:At startup, or rest...

CuBrain by Level 7
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Default Network Driver?

Is this default driver by microsoft? kinda curious about the (NDIS 6.20). This is using Lan driver though. If this is a default driver. how do I successfully install the driver without the (NDIS 6.20).


Adding 8gb RAM to my G75

Hello guysi have a g75 bbk5 - 8gb RAM I read the sticky of adding ram to the g75 and i pretty much understood everything and i dont want to downclock because i bought the wrong one i want to run on 1600mhz so id like to double check just in case befo...

Any hard drive Images for G74 laptops?

Now I know that there are windows 7 images on this very forum if you want to clean install windows, but I am looking for a hard drive image so that when I choose to reinstall windows the factory way I will be able to have that feature on a solid stat...

dabigin by Level 7
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Upgrade to Win 8 Pro

Bought the BB version of the G75VW last Friday. Loving it so far. Gave the old G73 to the wife when her HP went belly up. I ordered the Intel 520 180 GB version that BB has on sale to replace the lousy 5400 original drive. That will be my first SSD s...

mdmiller by Level 7
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New keyboard for G74SX (spill!)

Hey, I spilled coffee over my G74SX keyboard and now some buttons dont work anymore. SIGHI found this replacement keyboard closest thing to a guide I found is this

64gb DDR3 1333 RAM in a G74sx?

Looking to upgrade my RAM in my G74sx. I have had 16gb from the beginning that I replaced before even firing it up for the first time. I would have bought 4x8gb but I was under the impression that it would only be able to use 16gb.I have read a few t...

intel bluetooth and bose sound link on G74SX

Changed out the bluetooth a year ago. Just got a Bose Soundlink 2. I can add it in devices and printers but it will not connect. My iphone and ipad connect the bose just fine. Hope someone can help!!