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Asus software for Windows 8 compared to Windows 7 for G75VW

Hey guys,Together with my brother we bought 2 G75VWs. I was unlucky though, my bro's gotten the last one with Windows 7, I had no choice and got to take a machine from new lot with Windows 8.To my surprise, I noticed have just a small fraction of pre...

Piotr by Level 7
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Hawken Tweak Guide

Hi all, time for Hawken tweaking. Just got my G55 a few days ago and getting into Hawken. Please hold while I put everything down here in the next few hours. Please provide feedback, etc. My system is G55 1920x1080 660M oc'ed to 1085mhz core, 2700mhz...

srmojuze by Level 10
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Problem with video card "g73-jh"

]Hello ROS'si got problem with my asus g73jh-bst7 video card "5870m", the problem is in the colors nothing else .i was playing fifa 13 as always and i get a problem on the games color first i I thought that is the game problem, but after close the ga...

16087 16084 16083 16086
meryqat by Level 7
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Far Cry 3 on the Asus G74sx

Hey guys, I was thinking about picking up Far Cry 3, but before buying it I wanted to ask how it would run on this machine! What kind of frames do you guys get and at what kind of settings?

Naikee by Level 7
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G75VX - no optical output on spdif connector - windows 8 pro

Hi guys,I've been researching this issue for the past couple of days (since I bought the laptop in fact), but I'm now at a loss on what could be the issue.I was trying to connect a headset which has a s/pdif connector (optical) when I realized that t...

ssba2k1 by Level 7
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G55VW Brightness resetting to 100%

Hi,So I started having this problem after I updated my graphics driver to version 310.70.My brightness keeps resetting itself to 100% every time I go in or out of a game (this includes alt-tabbing in and out of the game as well). Even though the brig...

Kevhahas by Level 7
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Asus g75v cooling question

Hi, i bought recentlly my asus g75v and want to know if i should by a cooling system to put on the base of the pc.

G75 GTX 670MX Drivers?

Hi Guys,Just writing this up requesting support on where I can download the video drivers for the 670MX? According to the Nvidia site ASUS requires you to download them from their product page, but the only drivers they have are the ancient 306.14 3 ...

Muzzar69 by Level 7
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G75 Laptop and USB Charger Plus questions

A couple questions about the USB charger plus...First, in the systray utility there is a setting to set the threshold to stop quick charging. Which way does that work? Say I set the charger threshold to 20%. Does that mean the charger only qu...

Malakie by Level 7
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